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Bob Hayward

National Sales Manager
Certified Petrol Head!

Bob with his Torana Car

2005 SS Commodore VY, 1972 GTR XU1 Torana, 1999 BWM 540 saloon, BMW RS1100 motorbike, 1954 BSA Bantam 125, Mazda MX5 roadster, Suzuki300 Quad Bike, 1965 Mini Cooper 998, Holden Rodeo Double-Cab Ute, 1929 Austin 7 convertible… lots more!

As the National Sales Manager of a paint and panel-beating supplies company, it is extremely important to me that my car looks showroom new at all times. Customers judge me on the way my vehicle and I are presented.

Regular washing is the key for me – between once and three times a week, depending on the types of roads I have been on. As you can imagine, achieving a great finish quickly and easily is the key when you wash this regularly.

Stuart Jordan and I have worked together since the Seventies. Always testing, formulating and experimenting with car care chemicals, using his knowledge as an industrial chemist and mine as professional panel-beater, spray painter and Automotive Sales Manager.

AutoChem “Blast Off” in conjunction with my Karcher water blaster, is the best product combination we have put together by far during my 40-odd years in the automotive trade. The time taken, total cost and non-scratch or – swirl finish cannot be matched by any competing product. Couple this with the incredible results our Erazer Clay Bar and AutoChem Quick Shine can give on “polluted” paint (with almost no effort) and we know we have a real winner!

As a counterpart to my daily driver SS Commodore, I recently restored an XU1 Torana, undertaking all the work myself. The objective was to create an original (54,000 miles pre restoration), driveable, collectable, piece of Australasian motoring history.

I intend to drive the car, on an infrequent basis, to suitable shows and industry events, whilst preserving its originality and value by minimising the miles covered. To this end the car is kept in a heated, internal garage. I have stopped covering the car since I like to admire it whenever I walk past it! Visitors find it a great talking point too.

Consequently the car needs a gentle, touch-less wash and dry every two to three weeks to remove dust. This gives me an opportunity to start the car, back it out and warm the motor up which, along with washing, I consider essential maintenance. Then I apply AutoChem “Blast Off”, and rinse with my water blaster. Finally, I thoroughly dry the car with my AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel to ensure a streak free shine, and prevent any water being transported back in to the garage when I put it away.

The whole operation takes less than 10 minutes (mostly drying) and provides by far the best economy, value and satisfaction of any product I have ever used. And, believe me, in my long professional association with the automotive repair and refinishing business I have tried ‘em all!

My tip is to spray really dirty wheels with 50/50 “Blast Off” and water from a trigger bottle. Leave this on for 5 minutes and water blast off. This will remove really stubborn dirt.

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