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Diane Jordan

Partner of Stuart Jordan,
and hopeless car and `bike nut!.

Stuart and his Harley

2002 3-litre BMW Z3.

Here’s my best tip. I pour the beer while someone else cleans my car!

Seriously, though, the wheels on my car look nice but they are a real pain to clean. BMW have special front disc pads designed to give filthy wheels in less than 3 days! Previously there was nothing for it but to brush between every spoke. Hard on the back too!

AutoChem “Blast Off” cleans the wheels perfectly if done every week, and in two years I have never needed to apply a brush. AutoChem “Blast Off”  causes water to flow off the long bonnet, leaving minimal drying. Incidentally, do not omit to towel the car down with our  AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel. It takes no time and removes any missed film, whilst spreading the gloss coating from the AutoChem “Blast Off” . Just as importantly, it prevents water spotting, as the droplets dry and leave dissolved solids in tap water behind

Here’s my second best tip. Do not blast the car more than necessary, because this removes the water-displacing film that the AutoChem “Blast Off” has put on. Watch closely and you can see the effect. Just blast evenly in long overlapping strokes, passing quickly over each section. The water film will “break” and sheet off. Keep blasting and you will lose the film – forming agents and not see this effect.

Use the damp towel to remove any vestiges of road film, which are attracted back to the paint by static charge, like nylon when it comes out of the dryer.

Diane Tomes

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