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Greg Jordan

Caught the Car Nut Bug from his Old Man!

Greg Jordan with his Jeep

“Jeep Wrangler 4.0 L. Anniversary Model”

My automotive stable includes a ’63 Ford Thunderbird and a ‘58 Pontiac Star Chief as well as my daily driver, a Toyota Landcruiser. I also have Ford V8 powered Jet Boat, and VW Dune Buggy, and all receive the AutoChem “Blast Off” treatment regularly.

The Pontiac needs regular cleaning as it lives in the AutoChem workshop and I like to keep it uncovered for display purposes. Cleaning is super easy with the water blaster, AutoChem “Blast off” and my extra large Microfibre towel (there is a lot of acreage of paint on this vehicle to dry).

My best tip is for older classics, which might not be completely waterproof. I only ever clean up to the windows and then give the roof a quick spray, as I don’t like to force water into the doors via the window seals. Older electric windows need extra care and don’t like to be wetted. This means that I give the side windows a detail with the damp AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel.

The Landcruiser is a different proposition as it is often put through its paces off-road and comes back from a day’s activities covered in mud and sand. AutoChem “Blast Off” works well, although sometimes the really stubborn clay needs a scrub with a soft brush. Again, as Wes says, the more often you use AutoChem “Blast Off, the better the paint is conditioned by the film-forming agents, and the easier clay comes off the next time. You can smooth roughened (“polluted”) paint with our Erazer Clay-Bar  and AutoChem Quick Shine spray and this helps to ensure the dirt will not stick, next time out in the mud.

Equally, I find AutoChem “Blast Off good for the jet boat. Although used mostly in fresh water, after a run in the sea I like to give the two pack custom paint a thorough clean, along with the interior. A quick wipe of the painted surfaces and a rinse of the interior and I am ready to put the covers back on. I know that I am safe in the knowledge that the salt has been removed, and my chrome work and motor will be free from corrosion next time I look.

Greg Jordan

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