Screen Clean


Autochem Screen Clean Double Strength

Vehicle Windscreen Washer Additive

A dirty windscreen can severely impart your vision. Dust and dirt particles scatter and reflect light causing a blurred vision where you needed it most. Especially in crowded cities were a high amount of dust from various sources abound. Deposits resulting from insect parts, tree sap and bird droppings stick to windshields. These carbon residues cannot be removed by ordinary water.

AutoChem Screen Clean penetrates biological deposits to break down and emulsify them so they are easily removed from the windshield by the washer fluid and wipers.

AutoChem Screen Clean windshield washer fluid, a mixture of solvent, detergent and antifreeze agents, is formulated to remove grime and bugs. Used in conjunction with a pump and windshield wipers, washer fluid can be sprayed onto the windshield when the vehicle is in motion or stationary. Spray it concentrated from the handy spray bottle onto the windscreen and wash all grime and muck off for immediate results on a very dirty windscreen. Remember to clean the wipers as well to remove any muck sticking to it and replace the wipers when worn out.

However, the real advantage of AutoChem Screen Clean is when you dilute it 50 – 90ml. AutoChem Screen Clean to clean water in an average vehicle windscreen cleaning bottle and clean your windscreen every day.


Autochem Screen Clean is available in various sizes to choose from: