Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing - Water Blaster

A word on water blasters or ‘pressure washers’.

They are quite safe on normal paint up to 2000 psi (135 Bar), when the fan is held 150mm away from the paint. In fact, smaller models of 110 bar pressure benefit from having the dirt-blaster (i.e. the rotating jet) nozzle used, to increase the impact of the water and improve tenacious dirt removal. They will not damage sound paint at any fan distance (even 25mm). But do not use on blistered or flaking paint, except to remove it! A great advantage of water blasters is the small amount of water they use – a fraction of that used by a garden hose fitted with economy nozzle. This means they are permitted in drought areas when hand-held hoses are not. But check with your Local Authority first.

For pressure washing we have formulated a car wash called, appropriately AutoChem “BLAST OFF”
The detergents in AutoChem "BLAST OFF” neutralise and un-bond dirt and grease, so that it will flush away in the water jet.
Just as importantly, AutoChem "BLAST OFF" contains water softeners and an antistatic agent to prevent dirt re-deposition.
Additionally it deposits a sheeting agent/rinse aid on the paint to minimise water spotting after blast-rinsing.
Plus a protective gloss-enhancer and paint protectant to replace the film that is originally furnished by the factory.
Lastly, AutoChem "BLAST OFF” inhibits corrosion and passivates exposed metal, particularly in cracks, joins and crevices where the anti-corrosive additive is retained.
AutoChem "BLAST OFF” is specially formulated to be safe on glass, plastics, bright trim, alloys and all types of paint when used as directed.
Pressure Washing - Water Blaster
Pressure Washing - Boat
Pressure Washing - Bike


No washing up liquid ever did all this! Nor did those bulk general purpose detergents you buy in a pail from the local service station or ‘Bulk Barn’. Use them for driveways and fences, but not on cherished high-gloss candy apple paint.

Haven’t got a water blaster?

Auto-Chem recommends the use of a water blaster for the safest and quickest results. But, we recognise you may not always have one to hand, especially while away on holiday trips. A clean car is even more satisfying on these trips, especially if it is a nice car. I am sure you will not have read this far unless you have a nice car- a car you love and enjoy. We always take a nice car on holiday to maximise the experience – a four wheel drive for adventure holidays, a two seater with rag top for sunny days that might rain, and a touring motor bike for….TOURING!!! Sometimes we hook a boat up, too. To minimise the risk of scratching, whilst hand washing on the motel forecourt, we have formulated AutoChem WASH n’ WAX. Use two buckets when cleaning your car. The first bucket holds your AutoChem WASH n’ WAX  – water mix, the second your rinse water. After each sponging or brushing with the shampoo, rinse it in the water bucket before re-dipping in the shampoo. This keeps particles that could scratch your finish out of the AutoChem WASH n’ WAX. It also keeps your shampoo clean for a streak free finish. Plus, AutoChem WASH n’ WAX provides lubrication to prevent scratching when hand washing your car, by floating off abrasive particles in a synthetic lubricant layer. It also contains synthetic hard waxes to provide a protective, gloss-enhancing coat.

Washing your car
  •  Wash your car in the shade.
  • Do not wash a hot car – rinse first with copious clean water.
  • Do not spray the hose on hot brake components if the car has just been driven.
  • Where water restrictions apply, stand the car in the shade to cool first.
  • Blast off

Full directions for using “Blast-Off”. There are two main ways of application.

1. Prespray.

Dilute the shampoo to 3 to 5% in cold water and apply with a pump-up garden sprayer (30 to 50 ml. per litre).

2. In-line mixing.

Most water blasters have a detergent suction hose, to suck-up and meter the shampoo. Set to 4% if adjustable. Some have a click-on “foam gun” accessory. This is the best way to apply (quick but economical) – the specially aerated foam from this foam gun stays put longer. To avoid drainage streaks, apply from the bottom and work up. Cover everything with suds. Work quickly, with the water blaster. Your aim is to just cover each part with foam. The foam goes on very fast from the water blaster nozzle, and you do not want to waste the product by over-flooding everything.

3.Do not allow the shampoo to dry out.

Leave 5 minutes to loosen dirt, then AutoChem “BLAST OFF” using maximum pressure and the fan-spray nozzle, about 150 mm from the paint. Work to a pattern from roof down, to avoid leaving bands of dirt behind. Really filthy wheels may need brushing with AutoChem “BLAST OFF” (neat AutoChem “BLAST OFF” diluted 50% with water) before water blasting.

4. Drying.

Dry the car with our AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel especially the lower panels, to remove any last traces of film. Wring the towel often and if this water looks cloudy rinse it in clean water, re-wring and re-dry the panel. Remaining film clings to the charged towel. Wash it out with “Blast-Off”or with hand-soap, in the sink, or launder in the washing machine. Do not use fabric softener, which will clog the millions of tiny channels in the towel and spoil its dirt catching properties.