3 Steps to wash your car

Briefly, there are three simple steps to scratch-free washing:

Foam your entire car or bike with “AutoChem BLAST OFF” using the detergent pick up tube on your water blaster (“pressure washer”) or the detachable foam lance accessory, if you have one. We show the lance accessory in the picture and video below. Click on the Play button to see the video how this is done.

Blast Off the dirt and grime with cold water through your water blaster – no scratching, scrubbing, bending or elbow grease whatsoever. Difficult wheels (the worst job on a car or bike!) are cleaned as easily and quickly as the panel-work. Fiddly engine parts on a bike are cleaned just as easily, with no risk of trapped bristles and barked knuckles. Again, click on the Play button to see the video how this is done.

Take our special AutoChem Ultra  Microfibre Towel and dry the paint and spread the gloss, whilst removing any vestiges of grime missed by the water pressure. Once the job is finished the “AutoChem BLAST OFF” conditioners will cause water to sheet off the paintwork as the following video shows. Click on the Play button.