Wax & Polishing

Wax and Polish

Traditionally, polishing is necessary prior to waxing to remove all the contaminants that are stuck in the paint surface, as well as slight oxidation. Otherwise, if not removed, the subsequent waxing will only serve to seal the dirt and oxidation in.

Conventional polishes rely on fine abrasives, solvents and surfactants to loosen particles trapped in the paint surface and remove the very top layer of paint. Unfortunately, the loosened particles are then scrubbed around on the surface, damaging the gloss as much as they rejuvenate it. So, before you wax and polish, we consider you must first remove all bonded-on pollution, brake dust, steel grindings (erazer CLAY-BAR) etc., which are so much a feature of modern life in an industrial city. Remember too that calcium deposits from rinse water in hard water areas can cause the same scratching (link to scratches and swirls).

Do this by removing these harmful pollutants with our erazer CLAY-BAR and AutoChem Quick Shine. The erazer CLAY-BAR plucks off and encapsulates the contaminants within itself, whilst the AutoChem Quick Shine lubricates the action to ensure no scratching takes place. Now you are ready to wax and polish KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 contains solvents, surfactants and an extremely fine polishing compound that serves to clean this particle-free paint surface without damaging abrasion. At the same time KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 deposits its proprietary blend of slippery fluorocarbon polymer resins and pure Carnauba Wax – the hardest natural wax known to man. The polymer resins and carnauba wax protect the paint finish from rain-related water spotting, dust, acid rain, salt, bird and plant soil and industrial fallout.


KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 also easily removes tar, tree sap, road film, paint oxidation and water stains. It is non-abrasive and safe for all automotive finishes including enamel, metallic, clear coat, lacquer, polyurethane, fibreglass, acrylic and pearlescent paints. It quickly cleans seals and shines vinyl, plastic, rubber and chrome trim as well. KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 further contains ‘UV cut sunscreen’ (a UV absorber additive similar to those used in sunscreen lotions, but of industrial strength like those used in expensive paints), which reduces the future fading and oxidation and potential cracking of your paint finish.

  1. Wash the car thoroughly with AutoChem “BLAST OFF”.
  2. Remove all surface roughness and pollutants with erazer CLAY-BAR and AutoChem QUICK-SHINE if necessary.
  3. Shake KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 bottle well before using.
  4. Pour a small amount of KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 onto an AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel.
  5. Spread evenly and very thinly using a circular cleaning motion. Do one small section at a time. Let dry to a haze. Wipe off immediately with an AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel, turning frequently, to bring out a brilliant showroom shine.
  6. Do not wash car for 2-3 days to allow fluorocarbon resins to form protective slippery barrier.
  7. For weathered, oxidized or hot surfaces, apply KEM-O-PRO Wax 109 – wipe off and buff immediately before wax completely dries to prevent streaking.
  8. Can be applied by hand or machine.