AutoChem QUICK-SHINE – A professional grade detailing spray for stand-alone use or with our Erazer CLAY-BAR.

It is a non-toxic, water-based emulsion containing the latest surface- reactive silicone polymers, plus cleaning agents, anti-static agents, anti UV additives and stabilisers and a pleasant cherry perfume.

Successive layers of polymer can be built up on the paint by repeated applications, allowing each coat to cure and react, before applying the next one. In hot weather this curing takes place in minutes, whereas in colder weather an hour or so should be left between coats, to ensure the next one does not remove the uncured first one.

AutoChem QUICK-SHINE provides a ‘high-bead’ wet-look gloss quickly and easily without hard rubbing. It is excellent for removing light dust, fingerprints, water spots etc.

AutoChem QUICK-SHINE  is anti-static, anti streak and UV resistant for the best in paint gloss and protection. It is also water-based meaning that it is safe for use on all paint, plastic, chrome and trim.


Application of AutoChem QUICK-SHINE
Quick shine can be used on its own, or for great results on rough or polluted paint in conjunction with our Erazer CLAY-BAR.
For a quick spritz up AutoChem QUICK-SHINE can be used on it own. Apply to a cool surface, free of heavy or caked-on dirt. Do not let the product dry on the vehicle. If necessary, allow to stand in the shade to cool off first.

For a dusty vehicle:

Spray on evenly, one panel at a time. Take a damp AutoChem Ultra Microfibre and fold several times to form a pad. Wipe in single strokes, flipping and folding the cloth for a clean surface between each stroke, to avoid redepositing the removed dirt. When all sides of the towel are dirty, rinse and wring out in clean water. Continue until all panels are cleaned. Then buff with a dry microfibre cloth for a great shine. Repeat applications will increase the glossy film and deepen the shine. Allow each to dry and cure between applications.

To spritz a show car:

Spray evenly over a panel at a time. Spread with a dry AutoChem Ultra Microfibre. Rub into the paint, turn the towel over and buff off to a wet-look gorgeous shine.

As an Erazer Clay Bar lubricant:

Spray a small area and, while still wet, stroke the Erazer CLAY-BAR over the paint, feeling the rough impurities being plucked off until the surface feels silky smooth, like new paint. Follow the instructions on the bar. Fold the bar to expose a clean surface after each panel. Use only light pressure – no elbow grease is required for a magical result. Wipe down and buff with a dry AutoChem Ultra Microfibre Towel, for a silky wet-look finish without further polishing.