Washing Philosophy

The Auto-Chem Car Washing Philosophy.

This is a personal message from the founder of Auto-Chem Ltd and Chemical Specialties Ltd.

“My name is Stuart Jordan and I am an Industrial Chemist who has specialised in surface coatings and car care products for my whole career.

We have a great business manufacturing and marketing resins, fillers, polishes, adhesives, cleaners and a host of other compounds BUILDERS BOG and TURBO® Fillers are the most well-known by Chemical Specialties to commercial outlets, panel shops, car painters, retailers, boat builders, and other manufacturers, in NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands. I have done this since 1974, when we ran well-known brands, such as Turtle Wax, Holts, GUD, Safe-T-Clear, Dupli-Color, RED-Ex – all made in our Auckland factory.

In 1983 I opened my own enterprise. My technical research team and I have always been perfectly placed to use the latest technology available in order to achieve our personal objectives in car care. Techniques have improved markedly in the last five years or so, due to some very interesting developments in car care science and materials.

Unintentionally, I have been keeping these secrets to myself for the last year or two, but colleagues made me realise that many other enthusiasts (and just busy people, who like to keep a car nice) would love to have these same opportunities. Friends and the staff here, whose car finishes we have restored, convinced me we should make these aids available to anyone. So we have decided to offer them direct to car, bike and boat owners by means of this web site.

If you browse long enough you will find excellent web sites aimed at the car nut (and I may well be one of them in other people’s eyes!). He wants to pursue the ‘perfect shine’ for his beloved Porsche, Rolls Royce or E-Type Jag. We too can provide this information and the products to suit. But I recognise there is another huge group of enthusiasts, who want to keep their car body mint -that is, in new-paint condition- without expending hours of elbow grease and time in order to be able to shave their face (or put their eye-liner on!) in the reflection off the bonnet!

When I wash my car, I do it with one of three different objectives in mind.
  1. Each week I want to clean it quickly and thoroughly in such a way that air-borne dirt and road filth is removed without any brushing, scrubbing, scratching or abrasion. Wheels need to be cleaned thoroughly, but without kneeling and brushing, and tyres must be left clean but not overly oily and glossy. Glass is to be cleaned at the same time, with no waxy film left behind to smear in the rain. Along with this, the paint and trim must be left shiny and protected and all cracks and crevices which remain damp are to be corrosion-inhibited to prevent rusting. My criterion is 20 minutes all-up; minimal bending and kneeling; no special clothing or gumboots; car is dry and glossy when I finish, with no swirl marks and certainly no abrasion from contact methods. Minimal water usage. Paint retains a new ‘wet-look” gloss
  2. Every 6 months, I want to clean it quickly, without any brushing, scrubbing scratching or abrasion. Then I want to remove all ingrained and stuck-on fallout which has made the paint rough, or less than glass-smooth as it was when I got the car from new. I want the opportunity to wax it here, if I feel like it, or leave it in this smooth, glossy state until the next week’s wash as in step 1 above. Surface to have a protective, dirt repelling layer. Water used to be minimal. My criterion is 45 minutes all-up (including washing); no cutting or heavy polishing; no clear coat removal; no sticky or oily films to pick up dust quickly; a good water beading gloss even if I decide not to apply a wax polish. No special tools or electric buffs to be needed. No protective clothing required. Just a domestic pressure washer (water blaster).
  3. Every year I want to clean the car quickly and thoroughly, with no brushing scrubbing scratching or abrasion, and then touch–up any scratches and stone chips. If necessary I will get the paintless dent removal people to come and iron out any small dents and knocks from the supermarket car park (cost usually less than $100 for several small dings removed, as long as the paint is still intact in the ding). I will then polish the car all over with a carnauba wax, containing the latest slippery fluoropolymers. This puts me back to as-new, where I can restart step 1 above.
To do all this, we have put together a kit, which you can buy on-line for just $60.00 + Postage and Handling, It will last for about 10 car washes, after which you can buy refills of the special wash material at a super discount. The special cleaning bar, detailing spray, microfibre towel and wax polish in the kit will last for years. – (unless other people see how easily you keep your car mint – then it will not last very long, because they will all want you to do the same for them!).”